Hello, my name is Eshani Patel.

I'm just your average girl who loves all things beauty and fashion. I love to experiment with different trends in makeup and clothing. My initial interest in makeup occurred when I was in my 2nd year of high school. Back then, I never felt inclined to pursue anything in the beauty industry because I didn't feel "important" enough to do so. After entering college, my mind opened up to all of the new possibilities, and I realized that beauty was, indeed, my calling.

My first dive into the online beauty world was through my YouTube channel. My goal was to become a reliable content creator and beauty influencer, both of which I feel that I have accomplished. YouTube was the perfect match for me because 1) I love to talk (and talk and talk and talk...), 2) I felt like I was talking one-on-one to my girlfriend about makeup and beauty products (even though it was technically just a camera), and 3) it allowed me to learn so many useful computer skills (such as video editing, uploading, and monitoring many different social media simultaneously).

After having graduated from a 4-year university and devoting over 5 years to my YouTube channel, I felt that it was time for me to bring something new to the table. That's where this website comes into play. As much as I enjoy making YouTube videos and connecting with my followers via social media (such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), I knew that I wanted to create something bigger and better for myself and for all of you. This website is going to be continually growing and blossoming before your very eyes. I will be updating it with new content (hopefully every single day) to keep you all informed on the latest and greatest beauty news, as well as providing tips and tricks along the way. Welcome to my personal online journey, and I hope you enjoy the ride! ;)