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Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Urban Decay shocked us when they discontinued ALL of the Revolution lipstick formulas (including my beloved Matte Revolution formula!). When that drastic change was made, I anxiously awaited a major new release. However, I definitely did not expect to see this huge of a launch!

Urban Decay recently launched their "new" lipstick collection, called Vice. I put the word "new" in quotes because although the overall line is new, most of the actual formulas are not. If you were a major fan of the original Urban Decay Revolution lipstick formulas (including the Matte Revolution or the Sheer Revolution), you will be happy to know that all of those formulas are back! Not only are most of the popular shades from every line making a comeback, but there are also TONS of new shades in every formula. There are 120 lipsticks in this new launch, to be exact. Most retailers (including Ulta, Sephora, Macy's, etc.) will receive 100 different colors to put on display. Twenty shades are Sephora exclusives, but there are also 20 shades that Sephora will not be carrying (so basically, each retailer will only offer a 100-shade selection). I know, it's a limited range (she said oh-so sarcastically...). These lipsticks retail for $17, which is a major drop from the $22 price tag of the Revolution lipsticks.

Let's talk about the different finishes. Six of them, to be exact!

1) Sheer- This is the same formula as the Sheer Revolution lipsticks, and many of the original shades are making a comeback! I've always really liked the Sheer Revolution formula, but I would say it's probably my second-least favorite from the six options. It's a sheer to buildable coverage lipstick- almost a cross between a cream lipstick and a tinted lip balm. Some of the shades can apply streaky and patchy because of the semi-sheer color payoff. It is, however, a fairly non-fuss formula and it's easy to reapply throughout the day with or without a mirror.

2) Sheer Shimmer- This is technically a new finish, but in my head, it's really just a shade extension off of the Sheer finish. There aren't many Sheer Shimmer color options available in this line, and I'm not too butt-hurt over it. This is my least favorite formula from the six options, but even with that being said, I don't HATE it. This formula tends to be the sheerest out of all of the options, even sheerer than the Sheer finish (wow, say the word "sheer" one more time...). It has the same feel on the lips as the Sheer finish, but it has little sparkles in the formula. None of the Sheer Shimmer colors are what I would consider over-the-top or glittery, by any means. 

3) Metallized- This is another new formula, which was recently introduced into Urban Decay's makeup line via the Alice Through The Looking Glass collection. The Metallized finish tends to be very hit and miss. Some of the colors are GORGEOUS- very opaque, creamy, and long-wearing. Some of them, however, are more on the sheer side and don't pack on as much of a punch. When I hear the word "Metallized," I expect full-on metallic lips. You'll see based on the individual color reviews below, some of them fulfill my expectations while others fall completely short.

4) Cream- This is the same formula as the original Revolution lipsticks. I've always been a big fan of the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick formula, and I do think it's stayed under the radar over the past few years. I'm happy to know that this formula wasn't altered (or more importantly, made worse) in this new release. There are a TON of Cream finish options in this new line. As you would expect, this formula is ultra creamy on the lips. It has almost one-swipe pigmentation, and it feels really lightweight and comfortable. This formula is one of the longest-lasting cream finish formulas I have in my makeup collection. It's a dream to apply. I can't rave about this formula enough, and I'm so happy that Urban Decay released a huge shade extension in this formula.

5) Comfort Matte- This is the same formula as the Matte Revolution lipsticks. Hallelujah! If you've been a long-time viewer of my YouTube channel, you know how I feel about this lipstick formula. It is easily one of my top five favorite lipstick formulas of ALL TIME from ANY brand! And you know that's saying something. Obviously, this is my favorite formula out of the six offered in this collection. This formula has a similar feel and finish to the Tom Ford matte lipsticks. It is very slick on the lips (almost with a silicone feel), but it still has a very matte appearance. If you want to wear matte lipsticks but are afraid of the drying nature of most matte formulas, definitely try this formula before giving up! You may be surprised by how luxe it feels, especially given the finish. I was beyond excited to hear that Urban Decay was launching a ton of new shades in this finish. I didn't even think twice about scooping up all of the colors that I was interested in. Oh, and I'm extremely happy to report that Urban Decay did bring back my FAVORITE lipstick of ALL TIME (again, that is saying something!)- After Dark. I literally wear my Matte Revolution lipstick in After Dark every other day. It's the lipstick I wear whenever I have important meetings or events. It's my power color and I can't rave enough about it!

6) Mega Matte- This is a newer formula to Urban Decay. It was originally launched with the Gwen Stefani lipstick collaboration, and I'm happy to see it making a comeback. There are quite a few shades in this particular finish. While the Comfort Matte finish is (as you would expect) very slick and comfortable, this finish mirrors the feel of a "traditional" matte lipstick. It does give one-swipe pigmentation, but it has a little bit of tug on the lips (I emphasize, a LITTLE). This formula is very lightweight on the lips, and most importantly, it is the longest lasting formula out of the six options. I've literally gotten this formula to last 12 hours with no touchups, even through eating and drinking. The length of wear will obviously vary according to the color, but overall, if you want a long-lasting lipstick, this is it!

Moving into discussing the packaging. I'll be perfectly honest, I prefer the Revolution lipstick packaging over this one. The Vice lipsticks come in a traditional lipstick bullet with a gunmetal and gold metallic detailing. The packaging itself is plastic (unlike the Revolution packaging, which was metal). Although the packaging is plastic, it's not as cheapy-feeling as the Alice Through The Looking Glass lipstick packaging or the Gwen Stefani lipstick packaging. I'm sure the major price difference between the Vice lipsticks and the Revolution lipsticks primarily has to do with the packaging. A five dollar difference per lipstick does add up, especially when you buy lipstick in bulk, like I do! ;)

Now let's discuss the colors that I picked up from this new collection. I purchased 13 shades myself, and I was given a generous sample card (from an online Sephora order) that had one-time use portions of 24 other shades. Therefore, I have a total of 37 different shades to show you (and I have at least one from every finish). 

Let's jump into the swatches! P.S. Anything marked with a "*" is a repromoted shade, either from the Revolution lipstick formula or from a previous limited edition collection.

Starting off with the Sheer and Sheer Shimmer:

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: Snitch, Sheer Anarchy, Seismic.

1) Snitch- Pale coral-pink. This one is a little streaky upon application.

2) Sheer Anarchy*- Bright fuchsia. Beautiful formula on this one.

3) Seismic- Plum-purple with red shimmer. Much sheerer than I expected (even though it is a Sheer finish, I still expected it to build up to decent pigmentation). 

Now onto the Metallized finish:

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: Gubby, Amulet, Conspiracy, Big Bang, Wrath.

1) Gubby- Frosted light pink. The shimmer is barely visible in this shade. This color probably could have been included in the Sheer Shimmer finish instead of the Metallized finish.

2) Amulet- Metallic brick rose. Such a unique and beautiful lipstick color! This isn't completely metallic looking, but it does have a good amount of sparkle.

3) Conspiracy- Plum-bronze shimmer. Another color that is really unique. I love the way this shade looks on my skin tone.

4) Big Bang- Fuchsia pink with pink and silver glitter particles. This is by-far the chunkiest lipstick in the entire line (and I say that in the most complimentary way). I actually really love it! It has a slightly sheer base, but if you layered this over another hot pink lipstick, *insert prayer hands emoji here*.

5) Wrath- Metallic red. This is the most true metallic lipstick I picked up from this line. It is drop-dead gorgeous. Very opaque and creamy on the lips.

I had to break up the Cream finishes into two different sections, because I have WAY too many of them:

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: Naked, Violate, Cruz, Rapture, ZZ, Manic, Crisis.

1) Naked*- Nude-pink. I don't think I owned this color in the original Revolution lipstick line, and just looking at the swatch picture, I'm still not sure why. It's phenomenal! Very opaque and creamy.

2) Violate- Dusty purple with pink undertones. This would be a perfect introduction into the world of purple lipstick for those of you who are too afraid to try it. This color is primarily pink, but that little purple undertone makes it very unique to me.

3) Cruz- Soft purple with pink undertones. This color really reminds me of the Nars Audacious lipstick in Dominique. Enough said.

4) Rapture*- Dusty rose. This is almost a cross between the Sheer finish and the Cream finish, slightly leaning more towards the Cream finish. It has an ultra-glossy look to it, and it's one of the most wearable neutral colors I've seen.

5) ZZ- Soft pink-purple. Although these types of light pink colors aren't usually my cup of tea, I actually really love this one. I think that purple undertone just seals the deal for me.

6) Manic*- Soft wine. This is the perfect muted brick red color for those of you who don't like bright lipsticks. Very wearable and unique.

7) Crisis- Plum-rose. Such a beautiful, wearable shade. It's not the most unique color of the lot, but it is very opaque and creamy on the lips.

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: EZ, Jilted, Firebird, Ravenswood, Gash, Rock Steady, Moshpit.

8) EZ- Bright red-orange. I LOVE this color! This is one of those lipsticks that just brightens up your face and makes you look so lively.

9) Jilted*- Deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift. This is a shade that I've loved since the Revolution lipstick line originally launched. Another shade that looks wonderful on all skin tones.

10) Firebird*- Fuchsia with blue shift. This color is fairly similar to Jilted, but Firebird's base color is a little brighter. You probably wouldn't need to own both of them though.

11) Ravenswood- Dusty rose with red undertones. If you can't get enough nude lipsticks in your collection, here's another one to add to your list. It's very creamy and pigmented.

12) Gash*- Deep red with tonal shimmer. This color really does look like blood (from a gash...lol!). It's a beautiful, natural red shade on the lips.

13) Rock Steady*- Deep wine red. This color is really similar to Gash, but it doesn't have the slight shimmer in it. Once again, you probably wouldn't need to own both of them.

14) Moshpit- Berry plum. Another one of my all-time favorite shades from this lipstick line. This is one of those berry colors that would flatter every single skin tone.

Moving into the Comfort Matte finish (a.k.a. my FAVORITE finish in this line!):

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: Stark Naked, Backtalk, Uptight, Hitch Hike, Checkmate, Menace.

1) Stark Naked*- Light nude. Not the most flattering color on my skin tone, but once I pair it with a darker lip liner, it looks fabulous.

2) Backtalk*- Mauve nude-pink. I've loved this color since the original Matte Revolution lipstick days. This is a light nude pink that actually works with a tan complexion without looking chalky.

3) Uptight- Warm nude. This shade is just a hint darker than Stark Naked, so it works better with a tan complexion.

4) Hitch Hike- Brick rose. This is probably my new favorite lipstick color (and definitely my favorite one from this entire new launch)! It's a perfect medium nude that doesn't wash me out, but it also doesn't deter from a complex eye makeup look that I may be wearing. Love it!

5) Checkmate- Pink-fuchsia with coral undertones. I do love this color in a swatch, but I'm unsure about it applied to my lips. It's a little out of my comfort zone, but the formula is incredible.

6) Menace*- Medium fuchsia-pink. Here is the hot pink to end all hot pinks. This color looks phenomenal on ALL skin tones. Trust me, even if you don't like hot pink lipsticks, I'm sure this one will change your mind.

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: Psycho, Notorious, Disturbed, Tampered, Blackmail.

7) Psycho- Bright rose with iridescent blue micro-sparkle. This is such an interesting color. The base is pretty much matte, but that iridescent sparkle almost looks like fairy dust sprinkled onto the lips. I really love the effect.

8) Notorious- Medium purple. You all know how I feel about purple lipsticks...I can't get enough! This one definitely satisfies my craving.

9) Disturbed- Deep brick red. I absolutely love this color, but the formula left something to be desired. It applied a little patchy on my lips, which was unexpected because I didn't have this problem with ANY of the other colors.

10) Tampered- Deep mauve. This is a unique mauve color because it has some gray undertones to it. Very pretty and it's a really trendy shade.

11) Blackmail*- Deep berry red. This color is definitely not for the faint of heart. It looks almost black on the lips, but it has a slight purple tone which prevents it from looking completely black.

Now onto the final round of swatches! Here are the Mega Mattes:

Top picture taken in indirect sunlight; bottom picture taken in direct sunlight. Left to right: Pandemonium, Crank, 714, Alpha.

1) Pandemonium- Bright purple. LOVE it! Again, purple lipsticks always make my heart flutter.

2) Crank- Bright berry fuchsia. I didn't expect to love this color as much as I did. It has a slight purple undertone which makes it very wearable.

3) 714*- Bright red. Nothing much more to say about this shade. It's a very classic, tomato red color.

4) Alpha- Bright rose. Another shade that I didn't expect to love as much as I do. This will be a beautiful seasonal transition lipstick (from Summer to Fall, for example).

If you haven't watched my detailed review video on this lipstick collection yet, be sure to check it out! I also tried on every single color that I mentioned in the video.

Well, I think that about wraps it up. If you made it to the end of this post, thank you so much for sticking around! You get a gold star in my book! :)

xoxo Eshani a.k.a. TotalMakeupJunkie101

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